General visa information


General visa information

General visa information

Passport and visa are required to travel to Mongolia. Before applying visa, please check your visa requirement status entering to Mongolia.

Visa information for US citizen only

US citizens can travel to Mongolia without visa if his/her duration of stay is less than 90 in accordance with the Mongolian Visa Policy, effective since July 18, 2001.

NOTE: Any foreign national staying in Mongolia more than 30 days is required to be registered at the Immigration Authority of Mongolia within 7 days.

If an intended travel is more than 90 days, US citizens must obtain an appropriate visa.  Visa approval in advance is required from Mongolian Immigration Authority in Ulaanbaatar depending on a visa class.   It is an applicant’s responsibility to obtain such approval through assistance of and cooperation with your partners or counterparts in Mongolia. After reviewing his/her request for the appropriate visa, the Immigration Authority informs the Embassy accordingly.

Note: Without the approval from the Immigration Authority, the Embassy cannot issue any work/study and business/private visa if his/her intended travel is more than 90 days.

Visa processing takes 2 business days. However, please be advised that in certain cases, visa processing might take up to 5 business days.