General rules


General guidelines

Dear Guests,

Prior to visiting the Russian Visa Center please be aware of the following rules.

For the safety of our clients, and in order to maintain an efficient work environment, the following is NOT PERMITTED at the visa center:   

  • Cameras, audio and video recording devices;
  • Smoking, Eating, and the consumption of Alcoholic beverages. Exceptions are made for those required to eat at certain times for medical reasons;
  • Loud talking, making loud noises, vocal obscenities or obscene gestures, along with making rude comments to employees or other guests;
  • Cell phone usage, or the use of other verbal communication devices;
  • The use of portable music players without headphones;
  • Or disturbing other clients or disrupting the work of the visa center in any way.

The following items are prohibited in the visa center:

  • Firearms, pneumatic or spring-powered weapons (regardless of permit or license);
  • Knives, blades, or other sharp or pointed objects, including kitchen knives; Tasers, aerosol canisters and other forms of personal protection;
  • Explosive, Flammable, Poisonous or Toxic chemicals and/or objects of any kind (igniters, gas canisters, etc.)

This is not a complete list of prohibited items. Visa Center employees may ask you to remove any other items that may endanger those located within the Visa Center.

Dear Visitors,

We ask that you refrain from bringing in large bags or suitcases which may hinder in the event of an emergency evacuation.


If you see someone suspicious, or an unattended bag or object, please bring it to the attention of a Visa Center employee immediately.  

Please be aware, ILS Visa Center management reserves the right to refuse service and not accept documents from any guest that violates these rules, and may ask they leave the premises.

Thank you for your cooperation!