Declaration on protecting personal information

The Company guarantees to protect the personal rights and freedoms of the applicant while processing their documents, along with not interfering with your personal life, or family secrets, in accordance with federal law protecting the rights of others.

The Company receives personal information given at-will by the applicant, which are necessary in the process of obtaining a visa from the Russian Consulate.

Upon receiving your documents, the Russian Visa Center will maintain the security and anonymity of your documents during the processing.

Those Protected - The applicant when appearing in person, or for those applying through an authorized representative.

Personal Information - any information that pertains to the applicant, or what has been allocated to an authorized representative, who has been authorized by the applicant.

Processing of Private Information

The Visa Center can only process documents with the expressed written consent of the applicant. Such consent to process personal information must be in coordination of services rendered by our company to provide said documents to the Russian Consulate for review.

Any additional documentation not related to the applicant will be considered for review.

Processing of personal data means any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) committed with personal data using automated or without the use of such means, including the collection, recording, classification, accumulation, storage, (updating, modification), the use of, transmission, depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction of personal data.

Periods of storage of personal data are determined by the provisions of national legislation in the field of personal data protection.

Protection of Personal Information

The protection of your information is our obligation and purpose.

In order to do so, we utilize the most modern system of highly encryped security which prevents outside access to be able to access, delete, modify, block, copy, or proliferate personal data; or perform other misconduct.

The Visa Center offers complete confidentiality, and assures that client information is only offered to authorized people(s).

Authorized use of a Third Party

Personal documents may be dropped off by a third party with the applicants permission.

The Company does not give out information, or use any third parties that are not directly employed or associated with it, nor does it give out information to other agencies in carrying out its operations.    

In the case that the Company is filing on behalf of a representative, and is doing so via an agent not specified in the agreement, then the full responsibility of ensuring the privacy of the applicant's information rests solely in the Company.

Protection of Personal Information

Upon the request of the applicant, the Company will inform them of all personal information it has on the applicant. The Company will release personal information only upon the request of authorities, or through power of attorney.