Required documents



For applying visa for 30 days or less it is required to submit by mail or in person following documentation:

  1. Passport with a validity date at least six months beyond the end of the applicant’s intended period of stay in Mongolia;
  2. Visa Application Form with one photo /passport size/ Download Application Form;
  3. Copy of flight itinerary;
  4. Visa Regular Service
Number of Entry

Consular Fee

processing fee

Single Entry (30 days)

$60 $80
Double Entries (30 days)

$80 $80


Visa processing takes 2 business days. However, please be advised that in certain cases, visa processing might take up to 5 business days.


If you are applying for a visa by mail, you need also to complete:

1. Complete the Customer Agreement (on services rendered between the applicant and Invisa Logistic Services, LLC) (The template may be found here.)

Please note that the “ID number” is the number of your passport or driver's license.

2. Complete the Service Order Form (The template may be found here.)

Please keep in mind that you may order Text Messaging updates regarding yourvisa status by checking the appropriate box on the Service Order Form.

Additional Services (All fees mentioned below are in addition to the regular consular fee and inclusive of VAT)


Price (USD)

Rush delivery service $35
Return Shipping

+ $35 -for a single person;
+ $25 -for a group;


Tourist---1person-$40; 2-$35per person;3-$25-per person

Fill out an electronic visa application $60
Make corrections an electronic visa application $30
Photo service $10
Application pre-check service 30

Please be informed that you need to pay extra 45 $ (including tax) per each application if you are submitting documents in Visa Centre in San Francisco.

Payment is accepted in the form of a Money Order or Cashier’s Check payable to “Invisa Logistic Services LLC”, for those applying in person, cash is also accepted. (including Consulate Fees)


New York

San Francisco


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352 Seventh avenue, Suite 703, New York, NY, 10001 315 Montgomery Street, office 1010, San Francisco, CA 94104  1001 West Loop South, ste. 575, Houston, TX 77027



  • For staying in Mongolia for more than 30 days, or obtaining double entry or multiple entry visas for work / study, it is required to have an Approval from the Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens in Mongolia. You can have an Approval with assistance of your partners or supporters there in Mongolia.
  • Normally visa is processed in 2 working days. However, please be advised that the regulations require up to one week for the processing.
  • Visa is valid for entry within 90 days upon the issuance (Date of Issue) and its duration (Duration of Stay) counts from the date of entrance.