Step-by-step instructions


Steps to obtaining a Russian Visa

Step 1

Choose the Visa Category based on your letter of invitation, which best reflects your intent of travel to the Russian Federation, and familiarize yourself with all the necessary documents required to obtain it.

Step 2

Fill out the visa application located on the website of the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs at:, then print it, sign and date it, or you may choose to use our service, wherein we will complete the visa application on your behalf.


Step 3 – A (Applying in person)

Please indicate which Visa Processing Center you will be submitting your documents to, you may walk in, or make an appointment ahead of time, if you would like:

Russian Visa Center ILS (Washington D.C.)
Russian Visa Center ILS (New York)
Russian Visa Center ILS (Houston)
Russian Visa Center ILS (San-Francisco)


Step 3 – B (Applying via mail)

If it is more convenient for you, please Mail the complete set of documents to the visa center, using any mail carrier that you see fit. Prices by mail include the return envelope and postage via UPS Certified Mail, FedEx or USPS